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Energy Rating Is More Than A Compliance Report

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Why? Let’s start with the building process.

You already know that building a dream home involves a lot of meetings and efforts, including satisfying local council requirements and sometimes pushing boundaries on designs, plus going forward and backward with engineers, and more. It’s a creative process and it is GREAT! Finally, only one step away from getting a Certificate of Likely Compliance (CLC) (at least in Tassie) – acquiring an Energy Certificate and Report.


We receive all required drawings and we build energy models with them. Suddenly, building costs go over the ceiling by more than a few slabs of Boag (or Cascade, depending on whether you live in the North or South). Shocking, right? Bloody energy assessors. How hard can it be to meet the energy efficiency requirement?

Well, the answer is the old classic ‘ it depends ’, and we can talk about it another day. However, if the documentation is sent for an energy rating and report right before submitting for building approval, it is most likely will make it expensive to meet the minimum energy rating. Because the design has been finalised, there’s only so much we can do as an energy consultant to make it across the line, that includes improving glazing performance values, and this can be expensive.


The energy software we are using is a powerful tool that has been developed for many years. We can use it to simulate energy demand with different design options, assist with determining construction methods like a concrete slab on ground or suspended timber floors, help with room arrangements, decide on window types, sizes, and placement, and choose the best suitable insulation values, and so much more. All of these can be tested in the early stages of the design process. In some cases, a project can achieve an outstanding energy rating within budget allowances. It is also shocking but in a positive way.

These can all happen with an early engagement in the design and building process. In my opinion, it’s a shame to only use the tool and our knowledge for a compliant report. Inviting an energy consultant to join a building project early, will be more than receiving an energy certificate.

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