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Energy Assessment in Tasmania | Energy Assessment Service Fees

Updated: May 10

How much does it cost for an energy assessment service

The cost of an energy assessment can vary depending on the building classification, project type, assessment method, design features, and other factors. This post will discuss these and explain energy assessment fees.

Building Classifications

The NCC (National Construction Code) defines building classes. For energy assessment purposes, we categorise them into two groups: residential and commercial.

Residential buildings include single dwellings, townhouses, granny flat, and units in an apartment development.

Commercial projects include office buildings, shopping centres, cafes and restaurants, medical centres, hotels, backpacker accommodations, common areas in an apartment building, and more.

Project Types

The type of project means if the proposed work is new, renovation, or conversion. Typically, an energy assessment for a new building can be more cost-effective than the other two. This is because a new project will be designed and built according to the most recent building code and other Australian standards. Usually, these buildings can meet the compliance requirement with less input of assessment time. There are exceptions, which we will talk about later.

On the other hand, a renovation project can be more challenging because the older part of the building will be considered for the assessment. Determining the best compliant solutions can be time-consuming, especially for a residential renovation. If it's a challenging project, a more complex performance solution may be used.

Assessment Methods

Different building categories have different energy assessment methods. The compliance pathways also vary between new and renovation projects.

The NatHERS Energy Rating (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) is the most common way to assess a residential project in Tasmania. The assessment uses accredited energy modelling software to build an energy model based on project plans. The energy model will help calculate the house's annual energy demand and give results that can be compared with the minimum energy rating requirement. From there, we can test different specifications for compliance or better thermal performance.

The energy rating tool can also be used for renovation energy assessment in Tasmania, but the proposed new specification will be applied to the whole house for partial compliance. Performance solution is another option for alterations and additions.

A Section J DTS assessment and report is a typical compliance pathway for commercial projects. It will assess the design against each part of Section J in the NCC 2022 with calculations. JV3 modelling can also be utilised to assist with the assessment. These two pathways can be combined to demonstrate that the project is compliant.

Energy Assessment Service Fees in Details

How much does an energy assessment cost?

Our energy assessment service fees for residential projects range from $170.00 to $870.00, plus $30.00 for each certificate issued through the certification platform and GST. The average service cost can be at the lower end if the project is a group development with identical designs, such as units and townhouses. A typical three-bedroom house usually costs between $370.00 and $470.00 plus certificates and GST; an architecturally designed home with higher glazing-floor ratios can cost more. The orientation of the house will also affect the service fees. For example, a house with a north-facing living space can more likely comply with the requirement so that the assessment fee will be lower than the ones with a southern aspect.

The range expands more for a commercial energy compliance report because the assessment pathway covers many different building classes, which are generally more complex. A typical Section J Report can cost between $500.00 and $5000.00 plus GST.

Quote for Energy Assessment Service

If you have a project needing an energy assessment, please let us know HERE, and we will provide you with a detailed quote to consider.

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