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Energy Assessment Starts From Scratch

Hello! We are switching back to talk about residential energy assessment today. It's something about performance analysis in the early stage of a design.

Do you know the energy assessment can test your sketch idea on energy efficiency in under a few hours? For example, we can take your sketch drawings for energy modelling and run the plan with 8+ orientations and horizontally and vertically mirrored layouts. Once the energy model is built, we can analyse at least 24 scenarios in a few minutes! The data will include potential star ratings, heating and cooling demands in each orientation and mirrored plan.

By comparing the results, you can shortlist some of the orientations that can be the best to reflect the need for views, lifestyles, and more. As you can see in the diagram, some directions may not receive the best star rating, but it can be close. If that is one of the most suitable options for the site and expectations, you can improve it thermally in later stages with minimal effort. This is because, in early testing conditions, all the performance data are based on typical choices of insulation and generic window system values.

You can even do these tests yourself, as the modelling tool is free and the software provider has comprehensive training materials. You don't have to be accredited to use them just for experimenting with your ideas. However, you will have to follow the NatHERS Technical Notes and Assessors Handbook for modelling rules to receive an accurate outcome. Alternatively, an accredited energy assessor can assist you with these analyses and provide staged reports through to the final certification.

So, do you think the energy modelling and preliminary analysis can help your designs?

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