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I’m Pengfei, the owner of TASRate and a Hobart-based building energy efficiency consultant. Being trained in Tasmania through the School of Architecture and Design at UTAS, I understand the climate of our island home and the effort needed for a new design or an existing building for comfortable living and working on cold days.

Let's work together:

  • to help your project achieve energy efficiency with practical approaches

  • to test thermal property specifications that will suit the design and budget

  • to contribute to building a healthier indoor working/living environment for occupants

  • to reduce your energy bills all year round 

  • to provide a more comfortable home for your families

  • to push for higher energy efficiency and help you become a leader in sustainable design/construction

Our Hobart energy rating team
partners with building professionals
and owners across Tasmania.

TASRate is here to help you make decisions to improve energy efficiency levels throughout the process of designing or building a project.

As energy efficiency consultants, we are accredited assessors here to ensure your project meets energy standards and works for you.



Building Energy Efficiency Consultant

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