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Assessment methods

Energy Assessment



Offices | Public buildings | All other Class 3 - 9 buildings

How does it work?

We will analyse your design with an energy modelling tool and carry out multiple calculations in the early stage. 

You will receive fully tested and practical solutions to help the project meet the code requirement (NatHERS 6 Stars) for building documentation (Incl. windows/insulation/building materials/colours).

We will provide you with a preliminary report, including the required improvements, before finalising the energy assessment. It will help you decide or find feasible options to balance design outcomes and the budget.

If you were going to achieve a higher energy standard for your project, We could implement advanced specification solutions for better energy efficiency  for your consideration.

  • DTS report

  • Energy modelling

  • NatHERS 6-star energy rating 

  • Performance solution

  • Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessment

energy assessment


New homes | Ancillary Buildings | Class 2 Apartments | Units | Renovations | Extensions | Alterations | Existing Homes

How does it work?

Contact us using the link below and tell us a bit more about your project. We will contact you within 1-2 business days (or quicker).

We will find the best suitable assessment pathway to assess your projects. 

  • Section J DTS report

  • JV3 assessment with whole building modelling

  • Combined methods with energy modelling 

Assessment pathways

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